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We aim to bring in a 'Viable Social Enterprise' that provides quality healthcare to all.

Today, there is a wide range of Eye Care available to every stratum of the society. Our missison is to bring this same variety and quality in all the specialites...
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Department of Paediatric

We are familiar with the saying‘Child is he father of Man’ But this child has special requirements and this include medical.

Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with medical care of infants, children and adolescents, The paediatrican specializes in this area. Paediatrics is not just adapting the general methods and procedures to children Body size is just one difference.physiological differences.legal issues and informed consent are some peculiarities As the child cannot be the decision maker the paediatrician often has to treat the parents and in some cases the entire family

Handling a sick child with compassion is of utmost importance. Reassurance comes fist At Appasamy hospital, We have the services of a highly qualified and dedicated team of Neonatalogists and general Paediatricians Achild’s medical treatment heare has a psychological and is based on winning over the child first

The hospital is fully equipped to handle all paediatric emergencies and routine cases with diagnostic facillities of excellent standards .

The Appasamy paediateic department.provides all services currently in use for children and continuous monitoring into adulthood is ensured to control special illnesses

Appasamy Hospital is one stop healthcare centre for all the medical requirements of babies, children and teenagers. We offer high quality medical services with great doses of care and compassion

Children come first here The unshakable trust placed on us by our patients and their parents is due to our height of expertise and depth of compassion We take great pride in restoring every child’s health and happiness.

General paediatrics :

Handles all general paediatric problems of newborns, children and adolescent. We co-ordinate the complete paediatric care with the essential family support to provides a holistis treatment for children.