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We aim to bring in a 'Viable Social Enterprise' that provides quality healthcare to all.

Today, there is a wide range of Eye Care available to every stratum of the society. Our missison is to bring this same variety and quality in all the specialites...
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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The most precious moments in a woman’s life begin from the minute she discovers that she is going to be a mother. This period can be full of wonder, joy and expectation. It is also a period for care, caution and comfort. This journey till the moment of delivery may also throw up some anxious moments and cause needless apprehensions. This is where Appasamy Hospitals Obstetrics & Gynaecology department offers great help.

We recognize the need for support, comfort and care and aim at spreading cheer to make pregnancy a wonderful time filled with happy memories. Our warmth and care ensure that every birth is special for the mother. The atmosphere, the ambience and the staff are all conducive for the process of healing in mind and body. You will be surrounded by your family, caring staff and every facility afforded by modern technology.

This department also deals with problems of the female reproductive organs, medical and surgical management of the entire spectrum of their clinical pathology. The department provides care for girls and women of all pages. Obstetricians / gynaecologists experienced in the management of pregnancy, labour, childbirth general female health and female reproductive system disorders and diseases ensure that the department is full of positive energy.

Most modern equipment and latest technology are available at Appasamy Hospital to cater to all pregnancies, including ‘high risk pregnancies’. A very well equipped ICU, a modern Neo-Natal ICU equipped to handle the complicated requirements of premature babies, Electronic Foetal Monitoring Facility and modern operation theatres are attached to the Maternity wing providing expert care in an instant.

We offer efficient and economical services.

Out-patient procedures:

  • Pap Smear Screening
  • Colpolscopy
  • Intra-uterine Contraceptive Device Insertion
  • Day Care procedures:

  • Confidential and approved medical termination of pregnancy
  • Family planning surgery
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Laparoscopic procedures
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopic surgeries:

  • Myomectomy
  • Hysterectomy, Ovarian cystectomy
  • Adhesiolysis